Audits are powerful tools for monitoring of performance and improvement process support.

ERMC through MANAGEMENT FORCE has developed its own methodologies which are continuously updated and improved throught the experience gained.

Gap analysis. Gap analysis is a very useful tool for the (a) identification of organization management requirements against legal and other requirements (b) evaluation of existing management provisions; and (c) specifying appropriate management provisions that should be implemented or revised.

Compliance audits. Each organization shall comply with defined legal or other (e.g. corporate standards) requirements. Compliance audits are scheduled according to each organization obligations and examine thoroughly the fulfillment of each specific and applicable requirement. According to findings, corrective actions are agreed and issued.

Walkthrough Inspection. Helps organization to quickly identify hazards and risk of the workplace as well as issues for further consideration. Findings are supported by visual data (pictures) and recomendations are recorded for further actions.